Hansson PyroTech was founded in 1888 by Carl Robert Hansson in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the beginning, fireworks were the basis of the business, but in the 1890s the company also became known as a skilled and reliable manufacturer of ship’s signals (blue lights). The product range was extensive and by the beginning of the 1920s the company was already producing all of the types of signal then available on the market, such as parachute rockets, blue and red lights, signal guns and lifebuoy lights.


Revolutionary products

In 1959, a product was launched that would lay the foundation for Hansson PyroTech’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of pyrotechnic distress equipment for use at sea. The IKAROS rocket signal revolutionized the market with its innovative design and rocket technology. IKAROS became a new concept and set the standard for hand-fired rockets.

The company today

In 1998, Hansson PyroTech AB became part of the Nordic Ammunition Company, Nammo. The company’s distress signals are used throughout the world and, with its technical skills and advanced technology, Hansson PyroTech has secured its position as world leader in the signals business.

A part of Nammo

Nammo AS is a leading developer and manufacturer of ammunition systems and missile &  space propulsion products. The company has also become a world leader within environmentally friendly demilitarisation services. Nammo has about 1900 employees and a turnover of approximately 3 Billion NOK.

Nammo was founded in 1998 from a merger of ammunition activities of three major Nordic defence companies; Celsius AB, Patria Industries Oyj and Raufoss ASA. Nammo's shareholders are the Norwegian State represented by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) and the Finnish Aerospace and Defence Group, Patria Oyj, with 50/50 shared ownership.

The Nammo Group has subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Canada. The Group's operational activitiy is divided into five business units; Small Caliber Division, Medium & Large Caliber Division, Missile Products Division, Demil Division and Nammo Talley.