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For casting a pilot line for cables and ropes in rescue operations at sea. Can be used between ships, from shore to ship or ship to shore, or for rescuing personnel.

Design and function

The IKAROS Line-Thrower is a robust device consisting of a waterproof plastic container with integral handle and trigger mechanism, a solid fuel rocket and 300 m of line.


IKAROS Line-Thrower is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.

Directions for use

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Replacement Instructions

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General information

IKAROS Linethrower



Line Thrower
Throws a line 300 m in calm wind
Length of line:
300 m
Line diameter:
4 mm
Line strength:
2 kN
340x230 mm
4 kg
Ref. No.:
34 61 00
Complete Line-Thrower

Safety Data Sheets (Complete Line-Thrower)

Ref. No.:
34 62 00
Replacement rocket

Safety Data Sheets (Replacement rocket)

Ref. No.:
34 63 00
Buoyant head