Man-overboard Lifebuoy Light

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For use in any man-overboard emergency situation from merchant marine to leisure boating.

Design and function

The IKAROS lifebuoy light is an externally mounted, self-activating device operated by a lithium battery and conforming to the latest international requirements. To enable long-term storage over a wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions, the signal is delivered in sealed packaging. The light itself is sealed for life and will last at least 5 years. The signal is easy to test (it has a built-in test facility) and has a magnetic switch. It comes with bracket as standard.


The IKAROS lifebuoy light is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.


MOB Lifebuoy Light
Light 2 cd > 2 hours
75x85 mm
125 g
Ref. No.:
34 41 10